How To Look Effortlessly Cool


If it’s true that fashionistas read Vogue as their bible, then they must believe in one God: the Effortless Look. You know, the one only true Parisians manage to achieve? There are so many versions of this look, for example we have the “effortless chic” where the girl looks like a (fashion) angel, there is the “effortless expensive” where a girl dressed in Bershka looks like she’s wearing Prada, and there is “effortless cool” where the girl looks like a true New Yorker.

This is where I have to admit that I love to hate the Effortless Look (and all its’ versions), simply because I never manage to do it properly (hm, perhaps it’s because I put too much effort on it). Nevertheless, I will die trying so today I wanted to look effortlessly cool and I’m more than satisfied with the result. While I was thinking of what to write in this post, it hit me: 

Fashion is like a cooking recipe: you can follow someone’s instructions step by step, you can add a few ingredients that seem tasty to you, or you can simply create something from scratch based on your creativity.

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(I’m speechless with my wisdom) So this is my recipe for an effortless cool look:

  • a pair of jeans – they always come in handy, right? If the pair is not ankle-length, make it one. Just lift your trousers once. You’ll be like “oh, I’m so cool I didn’t even notice it”  😀
  • a loose top – there is no room for tight tops in this look.
  • a leather jacket  – because leather jackets always look cool, especially if you ride a motorcycle. Which I’m not, but still.
  • a pair of Stan Smiths – they’re like the COOLEST shoes out there. Oh and hey, if you happen to have Stan Smith’s sign on them, they are a lot better *evil laugh*
  • a beanie – especially if you have a bad hair day like me.
  • a satchel – forget huge, designer-like bags and trust the old school ones. They’re famous for a reason.

Accessorize beanie //  Miss Selfridge jacket // Zara sweater & jeans // Cambridge Satchel bag // adidas Stan Smith sneakers (also seen here)