The Push-Up Leggings


Many of you have been asking my opinion on the latest Calzedonia product, aka the push-up leggings. So I grabbed the chance to buy one of those, wear it a few days and come back with answers. One word: perfect. In fact, I chose the denim version so that I can wear them more often and the truth is I can’t get them off.

As stated in the Calzedonia official website, these leggings “give you an extraordinary shaping effect, together with a great comfort sensation” and I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, they’re a bit difficult to put them on, but once you wear them they’re super comfortable. Needless to say that they come in a variety of colors to choose from, so if you find them ideal for your body don’t forget to buy a few more just in case – did I mention that they’re affordable as well?

Now, let’s focus on the how-to-wear issue. I’m not an avid fan of leggings worn at night clubs etc, so don’t expect suggestions about fancy combinations. Instead, I like to keep it simple and casual. An oversized top is just what you need, along with boots in basic colors. In any case, you should choose tops and shirts that cover your (how do I put this delicately?) butt. I hate seeing girls wearing leggings with short tops, so my fashion blogging activity gives me the opportunity to highlight something I find ugly and discourage my readers from doing the same mistakes. Girls, no matter how awesome body you have, this is just trashy.

pushuptights-slf-2 pushuptights-slf-1 pushuptights-slf-4 pushuptights-slf-6 pushuptights-slf-5

Do you own any push-up leggings from Calzedonia or a similar brand? Don’t forget to comment and share your wisdom 😎

Tezenis top // Calzedonia leggings // Kem boots // Chic With Luv necklace // lucky charms (from top to bottom): Gregio.gr , Synthesi, Maroula