The Replenishing Eye Cream By Pirin Dream

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There’s a reason why I always wear concealer: the black circles under my eyes. Working for the blog all day long, along with inheritance genes, are 2 factors that don’t let me overcome this irritating problem. Luckily for me, Beauty Test Box understood my needs and included this Replenising Eye Contour Cream by Pirin Dreams in May’s box.

Using the product for the past week, I can say I’m 100% pleased with the results. The black circles are still there and I don’t believe they will ever leave me alone (without using photoshop I mean) but they’re smoother now, making the concealer seem kind of  useless. In fact, I’m so happy with this cream that I’m considering of buying it through the e-shop of  Beauty Test Box.

How to use it: just touch the cream with your finger and apply it to the black cirles, by dabbing the eyes – this is a trick to facilitate the blood flow. Don’t use too much of the cream. I prefer to use the product before I go to bed, letting it act all night long.

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What’s your favorite product to overcome black circles?