The Calzedonia Bikini


The first  time you go to the beach each year is an amazing experience. Everything seems new, although you’ve seen them million times. The sea, the sky, the sand, even the beach bar looks different. But above all, this feeling that you’re naked after months of dressing up in layers. After a few akward minutes, you start feeling attractive. Yeap, your new bikini is to blame, especially if it’s a Calzedonia one, like the ones I saw live in Rimini of Italy, both during the fashion show and the fashion gallery.

I’ve always been a Calzedonia fan, since my teen years. Of course, many things have changed since then. When I was 16, all I wanted was a cute and colorful bikini. Now that I’m a young woman, I need some confidence: covering any imperfections and improving the good aspects of my body is more than enough. And I can assure you that this bikini is the best I could find.

After 1 and a half hours I chose the design I liked! I’m telling you, if you stopo by any Calzedonia store you’ll be excited by the variety of designs, colors and prints and it’ll be very difficult to choose. But once you get in the store, it’s certain that you will find the one for you!

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Bikini Calzedonia // Necklace Vera’s Hands // T-shirt Brand 24.7