Beauty Favorites | Anti – Cellulite Products By Bioten

A package of  Bioten arrived at my home the other day, which included many products dedicated to fight cellulite. Although I don’t have many cellulite issues , I thought “Why not!”. And this is how I started using anticellulite products for the first time. 

I begin the treatment with the exfoliating shower cream, which helps improving micro – circulation, when at the same time it brightens and smoothes your skin. After a long day at work, it always feels extremely nice. This shower cream is actually an exotic cocktail of natural anti – cellulite ingredients like crushed olive kernels and guarana! 

We continue with the anticellulite drainage gel and the massage cream. Both have a relaxing thermo – active effect and, for me at least, feel like they’re actually working! Cellulite doesn’t like hot combinations and thanks to the Cellufight ingredients (guarana, marine algae and black pepper), it can be eliminated!
Although I’ve been using the products for 1 week, I can say that I’m satisfied. I’ll let you know how the treatment goes! 
Thanks Bioten for this great gift!!