Madwalk by Vodafone ( I was there,too!)

   Yesterday was such an amazing night! I was lucky enough to watch live, and from a great seat, the Fashion Music Project by Mad! Seating next to my lovely Kostantina Agaliou, a new fashion designer, whose first collection you’ll enjoy at the 9th AXDW, we had a great time!Let’s get it started with all the details.

   Tamta opened the show, she was amazing wearing her fabulous costume, made by Dimitris Petrou and Laskaris.

   Then,Despoina Vandi appeared and Vrettos Vrettakos‘ show started. The dresses, including the one Vandi was wearing, were so fabulous. I seriously want one of these babies! 

  Next was the show of Onirama and my favourite Mi-Ro! Onirama rocked the stage, Mi-Ro rocked the catwalk! I loved every piece of their spring/summer collection, the clothes were so fresh and so perfect for every woman, for every age. But that’s Mi-Ro we’re talking about: always amazing. I’m definetely buying one of these babies, too!

   Who’s next? Oh! Myronas Stratis with Ilia Darlin on stage, Yiorgos Elefteriades on catwalk. I’m not a fan of Elefteriades’ collections, but I liked the show and I fell in love with a dress. Myronas, on the other hand, was as handsome as always. I didn’t even look at Ilia Darlin, but rumors say she was pretty good, too! 

  Replacing Elefteriades, Parthenis‘ collection was good,too!Not very complicated, simple and totally wearable. The models were holding flowers and it smelled like.. Spring! Melisses were on stage, singing and dancing!

   And then Sakis Rouvas appeared on stage, and we all screamed. Do I really have to mention how amazing he is? No, huh? I think we all know that! Vicky Kagia was also a godess, wearing feathers and lingerie ( she was so Victoria Secret). But, no matter how beautiful both were, I couldn’t take my eyes from all these beautiful dresses Celia Kritharioti created for us.. They were all so so so beautiful, the models looked like princesses. I swear I heard angels singing when I saw the final wedding gown!!

   When this show ended I knew who was next: the reason why I attended the event, despite all the difficulties.. Ladies and gentlemen, Mary Katrantzou!! With my mouth open, I took millions of pictures, feeling so greatful that I had the chance to watch this show! The dresses, the shoes, the prints.. Oh my goodness!!! Matisse were awesome, the frontman rocked!

   Being still speechless, I heard Tamta saying ” And now, Giorgos Mazonakis and Deux Hommes!!” and I asked myself how could these two different styles make a good show. Well, actually, they were both so good!Mazonakis appeared with blue hair (that was kind of funny to be honest) and Deux Hommes..well you know Deux Hommes! They can never fail! I wanted every dress in my closet!

   Last but not least, Elena Paparizou and Apostolos Mitropoulos and a great show!! We were all dancing with Elena’s song when we saw this handsome man wearing nothing but Mickey Mouse ears and gloves!!w-o-w!

  Well, that’s all!